What clients and customers have helped your business take off?
Which ones do you want to stick with you?
What types of customers do you want to attract in your future?
We’ll help you weigh those factors, develop strategic customer profiles, define your company culture and put a historic perspective on today’s realities. Your budget needs to incrementally work toward achieving your goals. You need substance. HKR helps you develop it. We’ll put it in writing in ways that you can share with employees, investors and other stakeholders.
“I first met Helen Randall (HKR) in 2010 and was impressed with her quick wit and confidence. Our meeting has turned into an important part of the functionality of Oakwood Builders Group. She has taken our hand and navigated Oakwood in our marketing and written needs. Helen is a reporter by nature and a well-honed listener, too. With these skills, she was able to come up with a holistic solution for Oakwood's marketing that would stick with the client base we were searching to reach. Thanks to Helen, we now have a clear and confident path to go forth with our marketing strategy, and most importantly our business has doubled in revenue since we met. We regard Helen as a vital part of our team.” – Dan Schaefer, Founder & Co-owner, Oakwood Builders Group